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Posted by MHK on September 11, 2000 at 11:57:44:

In Reply to: Weight differences posted by JRM on September 11, 2000 at 11:36:26:

That's why I say use it as a starting point, and you are correct in that exposure suits are yet an additional factor to use when considering your overall weighting package.

Moreover, with respect to the drysuit issue as you raised within even the drysuit you need to consider a crushed neoprene -v- a trilam. The neoprene will compress at depth so as to limit any potential bouyancy characterisitics.

As to the over weighting, I agree that many divers dive overweighted all the time. You'd be surprised to what extent though. I have had 180' guys diving with us and when I go to help them, or are talking to them and they talk about using 40, 45 or even one guy a few weeks ago had 51 lbs. I try to ask them why and all we hear is that it's easier to get down. It seems to me that part of gaining experience is to learn how to dive properly rather than use added lead to help you sink.

The other comment that EINS seems to think is irrelevant, is to also distribute your overall weighting so as to balance the weight in that you will have enough ditchable weight in the event you need to ditch but yet still retain some so as to preclude you from rocketing to the surface should you ditch.

These are factors to consider when you figure out the weight of your steel -v- AL tank, your light cannister, your ankle weights, your 6 lb negative BP, V weight etc. etc.

Me personally I have settled on the following:

I use double AL 80's on any dive above 200'. I use a SS BP, a 10' V- weight, a 6 lb light cannister. ( subsititute 6 lbs of weight on a weightbelt when not diving with a cannister). For these dives I will generally use a 6.5 mil wetsuit.

Any dive deeper than 200' I'll always dive with a drysuit. I then use double steel HP 120's, argon bottle, SS BP, Light cannister always at that depth. My fins are Scubapro jet fins and are 1 lb negative each so I don't use any ankle weights. If I need to ditch I'll loose the cannister. If I'm diving deep enough or long enough that I need more than 2 AL 80 deco bottles or I'm using a stage bottle and deco bottles, I may add a few lbs on a weight belt depending on how long I need to hang.


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