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Posted by kelphead on November 15, 2000 at 21:06:50:

In Reply to: Re: Skiwear posted by Jason on November 15, 2000 at 20:19:08:

thanx!! jason.

now that i realize i probably won't be needing any
more lead around my waist--WHEW!!!!--i've been
thinking about the undergarments a bit more.

i currently am using the 'rei' expedition wt
mts top and bottom and BOY!! do they wick away
the perspiration, or what??!! they work great
and i'm happy w/them.

over that, i'm wearing a one piece fleece suit
(which is indeed skiwear i picked up from a sporting
goods store).

my feet are ok w/the 'coolmax' liner socks under
the thickest wool socks i could find at 'rei' (i
even wore neoprene warmers on top of the wool socks
on the last dive and i think that worked out even

the thing i may try is a top, polypro as you suggested,
under my mts expedition wt top.

the only place i may disagree w/you on is your
comment below about not investing in gloves.
i don't know about that one b/c now that i'm diving dry,
my hands are very noticeably cold when before when
i was diving wet, they weren't any colder than the
rest of me (and i never even wore gloves when i
was in a wetsuit). now, however, my hands feel
really cold in the same damn water temps i've been
diving in and i think i will indeed invest in some
good neoprene gloves.

thanx!! for your suggestion.

= : )


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