Buddy diving: an opinionated opinion

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Posted by AADIVER on November 16, 2000 at 23:57:00:

First, before you guys rip my head off, I support and encourage the buddy system of diving, especially for advanced technical diving. However, two caveats: first, all buddy teams will eventually become separated, and when that happens, each of you will be the only human being in the entire ocean. And second, the buddy system is least effective with divers that need it the most: novice beginners. So what's a poor newbie to do? Develop and practice the skills of self-rescue, develop solid self-confidence and beware the pitfalls of overconfidence. Practice buddy separation and reconnection with your buddy occasionally. And until you feel comfortable and secure with those skills, continue to dive with a DM or Instructor until you do.
You're going to read a lot of conflicting and confusing and inflamatory posts on this Board, but I assure you that they're all pointing in the same direction: DIVE SAFE! I'm a DM but not an Instructor. If you want to check my credentials point your browser to: www.members.home.net/aa-diver And have fun!!

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