on-gassing while ascending

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Posted by JRM on December 04, 2000 at 14:53:47:

In Reply to: Re: Safety Stops posted by MHK on December 04, 2000 at 14:30:21:

I was taught that when using the tables the clock is ticking from the start of descent to the start of ascent. If the assumption is that in-gassing continues during ascent, wouldn't the clock continue during the ascent? Or is this just a mechanical simplification because it's easier to keep track of the start of ascent as compared to the end?

Also, I have re-read "diving physiology in plain english" in addition to a few other articles (for some clarity). I understand the concept of half-times (My degree is in Geology :-), and of M-values. But one thing I'm not clear on. Assuming a bounce dive profile, do *all* compartments begin to offgas at the begining of ascent? And secondarily, is the point of a safety stop to allow the faster compartments to more fully off-gas? It seems that a brief stop wouldn't really affect the longer compartments as much. And if that is so, would safety stops really make that much difference in multi-dive profiles? Not that I would skip it, but one software author claimed that safety stops were the panacea of the multi-day diver, and I'm having trouble grasping how that would be so.

My copy of "Last Dive" came in today. Can't wait to start it!



-- Thanks for the advice about tech diving you gave earlier. I figure I'll put off that stuff for a couple of years. I've got time. It's just hard to be patient.

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