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Posted by Steve on April 04, 2001 at 09:08:21:

I've been running some analysis of different computers against tables. I'm doing some cross reference to my records and the Matrix computer that I have been using for six years which turns out to be more conservative than the Suunto Cobra. The cobra gives a digital readout of your deco status while the matrix uses a bar graph of green, yellow and red. I run that matrix into the yellow all the time but don't surface until it returns to the green while on a safety stop. It is now my belief that if you are into the yellow zone on a matrix computer you are in mandatory deco status according to the lastest alogarithems of Sunnto ot Uwatec.

I also like to mount the computer on a console attached to a d-ring positioned to where I can glance down and view my depth and air pressure, deco status but that is because I'm usually using my hands for other purposes than being a computer resting post. Like carrying camera, gamebag, gearbag, artifacts or holding onto the deco rope or bar.

The use of the computer seems safer for me because without it I might be tempted to just get out of the water instead of watching the thing count down to the safety zone.

If anyone is would like a copy of some deco dives downloaded from Suunto Cobra to see if the info is good with your tables email me.


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