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Posted by JRM on April 04, 2001 at 17:43:04:

Ah ebay. What do you folks think about buying gear on ebay. Here's my personal opinion:

When it comes to life support gear, I hesitate to aquire any that I don't know the history of. I consider tanks and regs in this category. It would also seem somewhat foolish to order something so personal like a wetsuit, unless you can verify the make and size fits you at a local store.

However, it seems to me that just about anything else would be fair game. I guess a reg would be OK if it was completely stripped and serviced (a la rebuilt). But generally that seems to up the price quite a bit.

For those of you interested, theres a Halcyon BP rig on ebay right now:
While I didn't get it on ebay, I just picked up a couple of BPs and wings used. So far I've managed to get two complete BP setups, and a DUI drysuit, for the cost of a single new Halcyon SS BP/wings/weight system. I'm not sure if that reflects on the price of used gear, new Halcyon gear, or both.

Anyway, what do you think about ebay? What do you think about using this forum to pimp gear? Is there any place you like to go buy/sell/trade? What have your experiences been with used gear?


--it's been too quite lately. Time to start the discussion anew!

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