Re: Doubles with bridge?

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Posted by Steve on April 18, 2001 at 14:53:18:

In Reply to: doubles for Palm posted by JRM on April 18, 2001 at 14:28:29:

Josh, are you going to use the doubles with the shut-off bridge or are you going bridgeless?

I think some guy had a problem with his bridge. "nuclear-powered submarine was touched and thus its bridge was damaged; -) "

12 why one needs a shut-off bridge?

The shut-off bridge (isolation Manifold) is loved by the one, hated by the other one. I learned a dipping with double bottles without bridge as the first and came only later to the bridge. I would not like to missen you any longer! I alone already always felt the annoying changing of the machines on the depth as disturbing. There are naturally applications of dipping, with which a bridge is obsolet, e.g. with Side Mount Tauchgaengen, with hochalpinen caves, where the bottles are transported individually, or in almost exclusive drying caves, as you are to be found e.g. in the Swabian Alb. To conclude but from these special disciplines that a bridge is to be rejected generally would be surely falsely. Alone the above discussion over the application of a long hose would raise then the question whether then at each bottle a baking UP and a primary machine with long hose would be to be found. That would be safe corroding. The bridge guarantees that both bottles are empty-breathed evenly. Occurrence the appearance of a gas loss the bridge is closed closed and the incorrect page. This bridge is natural by SE a danger point, however only once a heavy accident with bridge was reported. In the Atlakntik a man of a nuclear-powered submarine was touched and thus its bridge was damaged; -)
Also in a OOA situation the bridge has incontestable advantages, since the donor supply up to this point was empty-breathed evenly and also one empty-continues to breathe. The bridge is opened always, exactly like the other valves up to the impact. Thus there is no confusion, which direction of rotation under water closes and which opens.

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