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Posted by MHK on May 03, 2001 at 15:56:45:

In Reply to: Why I included you posted by Wayne on May 03, 2001 at 15:19:43:

Posted by Wayne on May 03, 2001 at 15:19:43:

But we have to accept that honest, intelligent people can still dissagreements.

MHK's answer:

Except that Seahunt is neither honest nor intelligent..

Wayne, I generally take a more relaxed view when it comes to the recreational stuff. The chances of getting a certified diver killed based on some oddball advice is substantially reduced in the recreational environment. It can still happen, but we police each other here pretty good ;-)

However, what he was recomending was reckless, it was done so with a cavalier attitude, it was done respecting one of the most dangerous wrecks we have out here, and it was done by someone who stated that they need advise to dive this wreck in a few weeks.. We weren't talking some theoretical and abstract theory. We were talking about a guy who had no idea about the dangers of the Moody, who asked for brutally honest advise and then Seahunt asked me why I thought he wasn't qualified to give it..

Could I have been nicer about it, probably... However, has Seahunt earned ANY respect based on his antics??? He has NO basis to discuss dives of this nature and I don't want to see anyone get killed, I'd rather people call me a jerk than see a fellow diver get killed because of stupid and reckless advise...

Furthermore, the Red Blood Cell Rigidity issue is getting a fair amount of play on the RSD board and Seahunt thinks making up sockpuppets and distracting the issue is helpful... He's a big boy Wayne, he sticks his head up, he takes swing after swing and shouldn't cry when he gets whacked back....

If he were to just ask a question, I would give him an answer.. But when he tries to discredit us at every turn, when he lies and distorts and act like he has knowledge on a subject matter whn it's obvious that he is a blithering idiot about the subject, then I'll be the first to say so...

You can't simply assign blame one way..


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