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Posted by MHK on May 03, 2001 at 18:02:26:

In Reply to: Very good... :) posted by seahunt on May 03, 2001 at 17:43:35:


See my other post above that gives a detailed description of your *advise* such as it was, on the Moody..

What pissed me off about you rendering this type of advise was that JStone was planning on doing this dive in about 2 weeks. We weren't talking about some abstract theory, we were talking about a fellow diver doing what is a very dangerous wreck..

Was I harsh on you, probably more than you deserved. I was a little pissed off yesterday that I got stuck in the office instead of being at Chamber day, but nonetheless giving out cavalier advise on that dive needs to be shot down quickly. You then further pissed me off when I talked about the fatalities on the wreck and you said words to the effect that they weren't enough..

We've got a guy on our team that could very easily have been the third on the same dive, notwithstanding the bends hits..

He is alive today becuase of the skill of the surface team ( luckily they had a doctor on board by coincidence).. We have talked in great detail about the event and it's one thing to have some disagreements about the 60' stuff, but when we start getting into the deeper stuff, that's a whole new ball game and I need to step it up a little..

Then you compounded your mess with that RBC rigidity nonsense.. BillP and I are working through the issue and you fell hook line and sinker for my trap...


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