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Posted by seahunt on July 06, 2001 at 13:04:15:

In Reply to: Interesting Point Made Here posted by Richard on July 05, 2001 at 23:26:13:

>but sometimes people like you need to be
>slapped around before you realize the message.
It don't matter who you are. Our very civilization is based on some
agreements. Any group that wants to claim that their ideology is so
important that it supercedes and obviates the basic courtesies of
society and even honesty, is guaranteed to get judged on its methods
rather than its message and that's the way it should be. Read Wayne's
post below. This is about ego, not diving. Why bother with these
classes. As you say, it's easy to get the ideas behind DIR and they
are mostly good ideas, but they are packaged in such crud that they
embarassing to touch.
DIR is about fanaticism and no one bothers to deny it. Their standard
methods include harassment, character assasination, dishonesty,
mis-representation and BS. They demonize their detractors and claim
that they are sub-human. This is the psychology of gangsters,
loyalty to the group above all else. It makes their real
accomplishments in diving invisible in the light of their nastiness.
What you may not know is that DIR's behavior is familiar in history
and scares anyone that knows where those beliefs generally

>I heard of one clown who even professes to be an expert on
>helicopter diving by keeping himself in constant motion so
>that he stays off the bottom whatever the frump that is. It
>must involve the Bell Jet Ranger Maneuver I guess.
Beyond dishonesty, the local DIR proponents totally fail at any reading
comprehension, because they are so filled with themselves that they can't
even see what is really written. They adjust it to whatever they want it
to say. Then they just love repeating other DIR folks mangling of what
people have said, as is the case here. Do you really have any idea what
was said in my post as opposed to what Michael repeatedly claims I
Clean up your act and show that you are members of this civilization,
willing to adhere to the rules and courtesies that have made civilization
possible and that is far more important than your egos, beliefs about
diving or real diving accomplishments. Then maybe you won't have to resort
to harassment, distortion and dishonesty to forward your agenda. Then
you can rely on the quality of what your methods are as they apply to the
diving environment. Maybe you're the ones that need to be slapped around.
Enjoy, seahunt

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