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Posted by GLnSD on November 07, 2001 at 08:57:06:

In Reply to: Over the line posted by roakey on November 07, 2001 at 07:18:29:

My goal is not now nor has ever been to get responses.

My goal is very simple, to bring to light the selfserving crap put out out by GUE/DIR.

It very obvious that the small world of this board mimicks the larger diving population re: a few, and thankfully very small population, indiduals that fall for the marketing ploy go about trying to push down other peoples throats this whole dangerous DIR crap fest.

This is just another example of the dangers of a marketing program for an equipment manufacturer causing problems.
No "good" instructor or program would teach someone to put something around their arm that would in anyway impede circulation, the result would be pretty obvious and in this case is.

Of course the proponets of the useless system will first come back and something along the lines of "well it your fauld, you put it on to tight"; bottom line it should not have been there in the first place. This is follwed shortly by mis-direction, as is the case with your post Roak.
Normaly I would ignore your post and come back with some off hand remark about people falling for the marketing ploy and following some useless non-ligitmite (sp) "certification agency" and the useless and dangerous policy's and practices.

However in this case I want to be very clear.
I mean no INSULT nor any ill-will toward bluecow, and I am so very sorry if my post came off that way to her. I sincerly hope she has a speedy and complete recovery.
The goal in my post regarding bluecow was only to again try to bring to light that following the advice, policy's, practices, "standards" etc., of non-ligitmate organizations can contribute to the risks of diving.

Roak your attack on my post is the first attemp by the DIR "crowd" to mis-direct attention away from one of the contributing factors in bluecows mishap, I am sure in the coming hours there will be others.

Bugies on slates and other "instuments" should not be used to attache them to your body. To be of any use at depth they have to put on to tight at the surface leaving to someone, and in this case someone with little experience, to judge how tight is to tight etc.

Hopefully this unfortunate incident will cause more people to take a closer look at GUE/DIR for what it truly is; a badly designed and implemented marketing program to sell Halcyon gear.

Again bluecow, my heart felt apology if my post offended you in any way, I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

As for the puppets you know my goals and motivation until someone shows me something that defines that DIR is the only way and the right way to dive and all others are useless and dangerous as the puppets claim my quest will continue.

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