I completely agree that NitrOx is a better mix than air for scuba

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Posted by Karl S. on November 18, 2001 at 16:18:33:

In Reply to: Re: Nitrox Cert. Dives... posted by George Austin on November 18, 2001 at 15:25:40:

George, I HOPE it was NOT the compressor grease that I tasted!

Good pun. We all know that to be O2 clean, there cant be any grease in anything related to NitrOx.

You have raised an interesting point about the possible role of NitrOx in the future of scuba diving.

I completely agree with you that NitrOx is a superior gas mix for scuba than is air. I suppose that is a GUE position also. I completely agree with that concept.

I dont necessarily agree with all GUE concepts personally. Thats not to say that I think GUE is wrong about anything, its just that I have not yet come on board to all the various GUE positions.

But speaking of NitrOx, here is what I have personally learned about it, which is why I too feel that it is a better gas to dive with than air.

NitrOx [the original spelling of the enriched air mix] has proportionately less N2 in it than air, therefore less N2 is diffused into the blood plasma and body tissues when NitrOx is used at equal comparison depths. [fact]

NitrOx with its lower proportion of N2 off-gasses tissue nitrogen faster upon ascent and during decompression and/or safety stops than air. [fact]

NitrOx delivers more O2 to the bloodstream than does air, making CO2 buildup less likely and less pronounced. [fact]

NitrOx allows divers to stay submerged at a given depth longer, before decompression stops become a necessity. [fact]

NitrOx tastes better than air! [personal opinion]

NitrOx is safer than air for scuba. [personal conclusion]

To dive NitrOx, the additional responsibilities for computing MOD and CNS exposure require additional training. And NitrOx costs more to fill your tanks with. Those additional requirements are more than compensated for, in my opinion.

I too, like you George, prefer to work with a dive store that offers gas mixes besides just air. Not all scuba stores do offer more than air. Some really fine stores still do not. I hope that changes across the board.

On this much, you and I completely agree, it seems to me.

Best regards,

/s/ Karl S.
TDI Advanced Nitrox

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