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Posted by Captain Tim on April 23, 2002 at 20:47:18:

"The Overwhelming Majority of divers that end up in the Chamber are As***les"
This is the most ridiculous, ludicrous, and absurd comment I have ever heard any make.
Does the name Roy Hauser mean anything to you? 99% of the divers diving today, do not know who Roy is. I am sure that Frank does. Roy was/is a pioneer in the charter boat business. Here's some history for you all. Roy was diving at Farnsworth Banks and made a mistake. He will be paying for it for the rest of his life. He is now, and has been, in a wheel chair since the accident. Frank, you may consider him an "AS***LE" I for one, do not. Roy Hauser started "Truth Aquatics". He started an entire industry. Not too fu***ng bad.
We had a diver drown last year. We found her, sent her to the chamber, and after 5 weeks in a comma, she is now doing fine. An "As***le"? I don't think so. Ask her son; he was with her when it happened.
We air lifted a diver off the boat about 5 years ago. She was bent. She was on prescribed medication. An "As***le" I don't think so.
I lost a diver a few years ago. I never want that to happen again. An "As***le". Don't EVER say that to my face.
Frank, you owe a lot a people an apology, for such an outlandish statement.


Captain Tim Burke
Owner/operator Great Escape Charters

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