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Posted by Joe R on May 01, 2002 at 11:34:32:

In Reply to: I don't believe you ... posted by Chris on April 30, 2002 at 22:23:57:

Fist off I teach, ANDI, PADI, SDI and TDI classes.

I remember the original comparison that was made had many errors concerning PADI, I emailed one of the contacts listed on the web site (it was along time ago so I don't remember who) with corrections regarding standards, nothing was ever done.. I don't know how many people mailed the webmaster but I remember seeing messages (I don't rember where... it could have been another discussion forum or usenet)with the same thing thats they emailed corrections that were not done.. I don't agree with the way PADI does alot of things but the lawsuit is right on track, dispensing improper information about a competitor hurts business.. I say competitor since the person in the article is a YMCA instructor and not a PADI instructor, and he sounded like he favored the YMCA program.. That favoring part doesn't bother me at all its his opinion and the author is entitled to it, but not correcting false information when its supplied should be dealt with.

ANY standards about PADI has to be kept up to date they send out quarterly trainig updated mnay, change standards.. Tdi/Sdi does the same (quarterly updates), ANDI doesn't have a fixed schedule, when they feel something has to be changed the notify the instructors and cnhage it immediately, frequently standards are updated because of suggestions and conversations with instructors..

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