Black Sea Bass Barbecue (was confessions of an angel shark wrangler)

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Posted by RealityCheck on April 20, 2004 at 10:59:34:

It was with much amusement that I read the thread on Rusty Berry and the SSA store video. First there was the guy who complained about the background music in the video. Maybe the complainant would have preferred something more along the lines of YMCA by the Village People extolling the joys of boy-pedophilia. More likely it was just his pissed off way of saying; " I am a technophobe mired in the stoneage and wish I knew how to use computers to dub soundtracks to digital footage".

As to all the equipment, I realize some of you are stuck in the days of snorkeling with black rubber wetsuits and the concept of a snorkel with a ping pong ball in the top is too new fangled for you, but there are divers who do technical diving and there are divers receiving this advanced technical training. The video footage appears to show a tech dive training session, hence the equipment. Perhaps some were pissed that they can barely afford a beach dive...let alone over 12K worth of tech equipment carried by a diver on each dive.

I know some people are just pissed off to the concept of a dive store that has a well known reputation for offering advanced training and equipment. Maybe even Sports Chalet is too cutting edge for you and something along the lines of YWCA would keep your knickers dryer.

As to calling for a boycott, reminds me of a conversation I had with a client the other day who demanded we come out and solve her issues. I declined her service request telling her we didn't want her business. She then said she would tell all her friends to never use us. I told her that anyone who would have her as a friend was someone I didn't want to do business with either.

Somehow I suspect that people that would listen to whiny crybabies about grabbing shark tails are not the type of people that would patronize specialized dive stores anyway, they are too broke spending their lives in computer chat rooms whining rather then earning a living while having fun engaging in ones hobby.

Where was your weeping and gnashing of teth while girding your loins in mourning sackcloth singing Cum-bay-Ya when you see the photos of lobsters being triumphantly hoisted aloft with their full body weight being borne by their sensory antennae on other dive websites?

Are your lives so void of mental stimulation now that the Iron Eagle is gone that you need a new substittue?

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