RESPONSIBILITY aka why did THEY leave floating in the sea...

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Posted by Doug Williams on April 29, 2004 at 21:41:46:

It seems to me that people have a hard time taking respnsibility for themselves and their actions.

Everyone wants to blame Ray and the DM; it seems that everyone includes the guy who is responsible in the first place. That would be the Diver.

I agree there that the DM screwed up, but after the fact, I don't understand how any DM could "check" someone in the water for dive who wasn't even there to make a dive.
My guess is, and, it's only a guess because I wasn't there is the guy, the DM, looked around did'nt see the diver and ASSUMED the diver was in the water and checked him off as if he was in the water. It seems he also checked him as being on the boat after the first dive, so yes this is a big screw up. If the guy worked for me he wouldn't be working anymore, but then I am a bit of dick when it comes to people being RESPONSIBLE for their actions.

But let's look at what really caused this...everyone yelling about the diver being who got screwed here.

But from what I read he was responsible in the first place.

First I don't no this guy, I only know what I read here so my opinion my be worthless.
But it sounds like this guy shouldn't have been on this dive in the first place. So IF that's the case why did he elect to go, IT'S HIS RESPONSIBILITY to make that decsion. I've been diving for 25+ years and there are a lot of dives I would love to do but I don't why because I'm not qualified to do them so I don't.

Next screw up. The guy can't get down for whatever reason; so, what does he do leaves his "buddy" if you really want to call them that.
Does he even let them know he's leaving, I don't know but from what I've read he did'nt. So how is that his "buddy's" fault. It's his RESPONSIBILITY to call the dive and his RESPONSIBILITY to let his buddy know the dive is called.

Third screw up...The guy has lost his buddy's, lost sight of the oil rig has no idea where the boat is so what does he do. Stays under water in the current for whatever reason and when he does decide to surface he's way down current from the boat; gee imagine that. I don't know if this is how this happend or not, I was'nt there but it's what I get from all the comments on this board and others, nor do I know how deep the guy was or how long he had been there. But why did he not go straight to the surface knowing he is in a current and having no idea where he is much less the boat.
It's his RESPONSIBILITY to make the appropreate decision at this point not the DM's, not Ray's and not his "lost" buddy's.

Then I see this guy TV talking about how is going to have a long talk with the DM, the Shop owner, Ray and on and on. I agree that the DM needs to be talked to, he made a bad situation a lot worse. But the first person this guy needs to have a long talk with is himself about RESPONSIBILITY.

Geez, I hate that word.

I'm glad that the guy is still with us, thankfully the kid on the Boy Scout boat did understand his RESPONSIBILITY.

Now I know I'm going to flamed for all this, but somewhere in all this maybe someone can explain to me why when shit happens to someone it's somehow everyone fault by theirs.

End rant, flame suit on....

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