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Posted by MHK on March 22, 2005 at 11:58:15:

In Reply to: Dive reports; Yea or nay? posted by Max Bottomtime on March 21, 2005 at 15:50:50:


Since you felt the need to misrepresent my comments on a list that you are well aware I avoid, I thought I would share with this list Ross' comments and my reply.

If you really think this is "ripping" Ross then I seriously have to question you when you say you want to "learn" and/or you "are all for free and open comments". My comments were merely pointing out that there were numerous ways to reduce the risk(s) associated with a dive that was posted to a public scuba forum. In other words, he invited comments by posting.

I have no intention of further commenting on this list, if you guys have follow up's PM me and/or post to Sergio's board.

Excerpted from Ross O's trip report

"I have to admit that I was a little excited leading up to the dive. Iíve certainly done a bunch of deep dives before, and Iíve done dark dives, and Iíve even hunted deep. That said, Iíve never done a deep dark decompression dive with the intent of hunting from a live boat with a new dive partner. No problem though Ė my gear was in good order, we settled on a dive plan, and with my double tanks I had enough air for almost anything."

MHK's full reply:


Please accept that I'm not trying to break your balls here, but do you really think this was a safe dive plan?

Deep air, decompression diving, at night, task loaded with camera and bug hunting ideas, unfamiliar dive buddy, live boating.. Seems like there could have been many ways to reduce the risk(s) on this dive..

BTW, you indicated that you saved "enough air", would you care to discuss your plan? Did you bring deco gas? Were both of you deep on air; without deco gas; task loaded; etc. etc.?? Why not do some build up dives with your new buddy? Why not use the proper gas(es)?

Seriously not breaking balls, but more throwing out ideas for the list to ponder and trying to get people to understand the mindset and approach I like to advocate..


PS. you indicate that "your" gear was in good order, had you considered the possibility that his gear may have been different [ ie; unfamiliar and/or not in good order] and that he may have needed to rely on you or you may needed to rely on his? The "my" gear is in good order promotes a mindset of something less then a team approach..

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