mike, this is getting ridiculous--PUUUUULLLLEEEZE!!!...

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Posted by kelphead on August 09, 2000 at 13:30:10:

let's see if we can finally get some more straight answers out of you:

**i NEVER EVER EVER accused you of wanting govt intervention; but you keep using the word 'require'; so you want regulation from w/in the industry:

IS THAT CORRECT???????????????

ok, if it is, then you are proposing to discriminate some divers from others--using industry standards. THIS IS THE POINT WHICH IS BEING RESISTED. i don't care if you agree w/that mentality or not, i just want to make sure you understand that people don't want the industry to regulate their actions either. we are not talking about govt intervention, we are talking about the industry forcing divers one way or the other. that's what some divers do not want.

please do not keep reminding us that you don't want govt intervention--we already know this.

it's just that you keep going back and forth btwn 'suggest' and 'require'--the two do NOT mean the same thing. THIS is what people are getting hung up on. but now we understand that you really mean 'require' and NOT 'suggest'. in your head they may mean the same thing; in another person's head, they mean two mutually exclusive things.

**as far as you taking precautions on the l.a. wrecks, does this mean you would let me dive w/you w/those precautions, or do you only dive w/wreck certified and 'dir' divers?????

PLEASE, answer the question directly: would you dive w/me on a wreck if i were not officially wreck certified, yes or no?

**you ask me about diving in overhead environments, BUT I STATED IN MY POST THAT I WOULD NOT CHOOSE TO DIVE INSIDE THE 'YUKON'--I WOULD DIVE OUTSIDE THE 'YUKON'. i have indeed dived other wrecks--OUTSIDE--but have never ever ever ever ever used a reel. why would i need to dive OUTSIDE a wreck w/a reel?????? no, i have never ever ever ever ever
been tangled or disoriented OUTSIDE of a wreck that was still barren and w/o marine life. i DID find and remove fishing line off the 'ruby e' last saturday, but i wasn't disoriented or tangled and i didn't use a reel to get back to the bow line. and i have also dived in less than 10ft vis as well as in strong current.

you have proposed "RESTRCTING ACCESS" to the 'yukon'--that means not
letting anyone near it at all--if they aren't properly qualified to dive inside it: WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US WHO WANT ACCESS TO DIVE THE
OUTSIDE OF IT???????????????????????

why do you twist things around when they have been stated clearly...?...

please, let's stick to what has been clearly written in modern english and analyze that.

also, both you and jim neglected to respond to my query re:self
regulating oil rig dives--WELL????????!!!!!!!!!!!


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