Diving in the '60's

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Posted by Frank on November 06, 2000 at 19:42:36:

I think we originated the K.I.S.S. principle: keep it simple, stupid.
And simple it was: single hose reg, no octo, no SPG, no BCD, no computer, just a Bottom Timer, a J valve on our single 72, unlined neoprene wet suit, basic black rubber mask, fins, and snorkel, and BIG knife. Extras were maybe a spear gun, ab iron, bug bag. Total cost to gear up? Under five hundred bucks. I have the receipt for a charter boat trip to Catalina: $12.00. Much more marine life (except the Mediterranean), better off-shore viz and...a lower ratio of injuries and/or fatalities than today, world-wide.
And that's how it was in the dinosaur days of diving, ascending with no stops, following up our smallest exhalation bubbles in no decom dives. Now THAT was dangerous, but live and learn. Our first computer was the Scuba Pro, made in Italy, Decompression Meter, otherwise known as the "bend-o-matic". It was only accurate for the first dive! Fortunately, most of us never dove the needle into the red zone. Again, we lived, and dove, and learned. Check out some 60's back issues of Scum Diver Magazine. Lots of game diving, practically no travel diving. Etc., etc., etc. Would I go back to those "good old days"? No way. I love the fact we have so many choices of gear and places to dive in the world. Given good health and fitness, it's an ageless sport. I shall continue to pursue my goal of entering the Guinness Book of Records as being the oldest continuously active scuba diver in the world. From my keyboard to God's ear.

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