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Posted by MHK on November 16, 2000 at 10:06:48:

In Reply to: In Defense of MHK posted by Jim Hoffmann on November 15, 2000 at 18:53:19:

I appreciate the support.. It seems to me that some on this list don't like DIR, and that is certainly there right.. I have no problem if someone has an opposing point of view.. For example in the most recent thread with Gerry and the discussion about ditchable -v- non-ditchable I feel was handled in a professional manner. Gerry has his point of view and I have mine but we were able to discuss it absent the bickering..

If Chris would get spell check on here maybe some of my posts would be easier on the eyes ;-)

But as to my agenda, Jim, Don and Msbluecow are correct in pointing out that I do have an agenda.. I have made absolutely no secret about the fact that I believe strongly in diving safety and my chosen method to accomplish that is adopting the DIR philosophy. You guys can agree with it or not but I'm atleast agruing in favor of a system that I'm willing to outline, I'm willing to demo it with you, I'm willing to dive with you.. I'm pro-something.. It seems a few on this list have nothing to stand for so they simply stand against something..

I, along with John Walker, Terry May and Troy Bagwell have spoke at numerous dive clubs, dive shops and DIR demos over the past several months. I would venture to guess that we have spoken before over 1,000 diver's and JJ, George et. al. have clearly expanded there speaking engagements to well beyond the local numbers that we are discussing here.. The fact of the matter is that many in the dive community are interested in advances that improve safety.. I'm curious if 1,000's of diver's would sign up for demo's about the benefits of *independant* diving...

The suggestion that I promote dangerous diving is ridiculous and as to Max's suggestion that I dive the Caissons on air is a flat out lie and his suggestion about solo diving in Florida is also a lie.. If he is referring to the one dive that I posted the trip report wherein we had a buddy seperation during a dive in a ripping current than he is being childish and attempting to distort the facts.. We went in as a planned buddy team, we got seperated and one of my regs blew out.. I shut down the post and aborted.. That is completely different than planning a 260' dive ( which is what we were planning in this example ) solo.. This coming from a guy ( Max) who routinely dives solo and deep air.. Nice try Max but you can't even begin to compare our team protocols to your dives..

So thank you for the support and we'll keep trying.. Some will desire the information and some won't and I don't spend too much time worrying about those that argue for the sake of arguing and have nothing they can offer except rebuttal arguements...


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