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Posted by seahunt on February 12, 2001 at 14:31:22:

Pardon if I move this up, but it seemed appropriate.
Why is this not the place to discuss deco issues?
Jim posted vey unique observations about gear that you
won't see anywhere else.
Actually this is the place and you have a natural line up to
post about.
You listed about 8 different factors effecting DCS susceptability.
You should discuss what is known about some of them and their
relative importance.
You mention:
j-factors (fat content)
gas selection
physical condition

These are all factors that I know about and try to take into
account, but can you elaborate about what is known about each of
these. I drink a lot of water the morning before the dive. I know
that it is a factor in DCS, but I don't know how much. Same with
fat content.
Why don't you make a post describing these as best you can
such that people can use the information better than the simple
comments we can usually find that these are just risk factors.
Which are more important and how important is each?
Really, I suspect that you are also quite aware, that DCS
susceptability varies greatly between individuals. That is not
something that can be really factored in until a DCS hit has
I still say that given all the known factors and that's a lot
of them, most sport divers, can factor these into what their
computer says far easier and with far greater accuracy than can be
done manually. In any case though, if you can tell us more about
these different risk factors, they would be items that many people
on the BBS could use to increase their safety with or without a
computer. Isn't that appropriate here?
Enjoy, seahunt

PS. If your spelling could possibly kill me, I'd be afraid to see
what you would come up with.

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