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Posted by mattschechter on March 03, 2001 at 21:38:42:

In Reply to: DIR demo posted by Max Bottomtime on March 03, 2001 at 20:13:36:

This was a truly fabulous experience. I feel I can speak and think in a far more educated fashion than before. I still may not agree completely with a few of the equipment ideas, but on the whole DIR is a very worthwhile cause and really does have an application in all forms of diving. This doesn't mean I will convert, certainly not now, but I can incorporate the philosophy into my diving. JJ did a great job portraying DIR as a format that can be fitted to ones needs as a diver depending on location. Before the demo, I was led to believe that DIR was a non-changeable, rigid, hard-assed (please excuse me but it is a very applicable expression) diving regime. It is not. What led me to those conclusions was the web site and what convoluted information I have heard here. The information is convoluted in the sense that it is usually used in the attacks on DIR. Of particular interest to me was the computer issue. After talking to JJ for a good 15 minutes, I understood the point. It is not the immediate banishment of computers or the actual mechanics of non-computer NDL calculation. The point is to be aware of your decompression status without dependence on a computer. This doesn't mean not using your computer, it just means not relying on it as your primary calculator. Eventually, you can leave the computer if you feel comfortable. That is the key: comfort. Use the computer as a check and balance without blind faith. I plan to use a computer for a while to come, if not always. I also realize that I should know more. This knowledge comes with experience, gained safely with the use of a computer. I feel satisfied now knowing this about DIR. The equipment issues were interesting, but I feel the biggest point of DIR is the safety, pre-planning mindset. The psychological aspect of DIR is it's biggest contribution to diving. It was made clear that, although the DIR proponents believe the mindset and equipment go hand-in-hand, the thought process can still be incorporated into normal diving practices. I would like to thank MHK, John Walker, JJ, and anyone else who made this possible. It was very informative, enlightening, and educational. I would recommend that, even if you have no plans to convert (like myself), go to one of these demos. It enables one to speak intelligently and see another point of view. Thank you again.

P.S. I would like to ask that people learn as much as they can about DIR **BEFORE** they attack it as a bad idea. The people proponing DIR arenít terrible and crazy. They are just like anyone else who believes in something different. The way they portray themselves on the Internet may not be a true representation of their personality. This is true as well for the bashers of DIR. They are definitely not the same online as they are in person. Some of you there may know what I am talking about. Those of you who weren't come next time.

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