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Posted by MHK on April 09, 2001 at 13:59:06:

In Reply to: Re: how I understand it posted by Steve on April 09, 2001 at 12:57:18:

Steve wrote

I'm picking apart the DIR hose config. because I feel anything can be improved upon


I have no problem discussing alternative ideas but I'll be surprised if you and I will turn up an idea that hasn't already been turned up, but that being said I'm always willing..

That being said I want to walk through your idea -v- ours...

In our system we donate a regulator that is 100% absolutely known to be working at the very moment it is needed the most. In other words, no variables.. By using a 5' or a 7' hose we allow for ample room to donate air, leave ample room for manuevarability and we don't need need to spend money or add added failure points ala the AIR II idea. Moreover by adding an AIR II you limit your options you don't increase them. In other words, if your AIR II fails or leaks or freeflows you'll need to disconnect it. Once you've disconnected it you've now lost your primary inflation source. If you been following this board recently you'll note there are many diver's out here that love to dive with Steel tanks and no redundant lift source ( ie; drysuits) so in that scenario you've allowed a simple problem that can be easily avoided to seriously compromise your safety and your ability to surface due to inapproriate lift.. Furthermore, given your problem solving nature, do you agree or disagree that it is preferential to maintain a consistent system from dive to dive, or do you feel you do not compromise the integrity of a system by altering from dive to dive or environment to environment????

AIR II's are useless in an OOA scenario in an OE so how would you recommend a diver plan a dive in an OE, and if you like we can use the Yukon as an example?????

Furthermore, it is likely that a paniced OOA diver will grab the first thing he sees anyway so why not plan and train for that????

Also a swivel is also an added failure point and by routing UNDER the arm how do you propose to pass it off??????

And I'm confused when you say that

The octo is the one to donate for non emergency air sharing.

Why are you sharing air in a non-emergency and why would you propose several different plans when simplicity is the key to saving a life???


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