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Posted by Steve on April 09, 2001 at 12:57:18:

In Reply to: Re: how I understand it posted by MHK on April 09, 2001 at 12:04:48:

"But he was a very experienced diver, 2,000+ and was diving solo. It was the 4th dive of the day during lobster season so he was shallow, less than 40'. His SPG was reading 800 psi when he took a breath nothing came out."


This seem like a common scenario, overexperienced and too confident. Why can't we require manufacturers to install an alarm on these SPG's?

I'm picking apart the DIR hose config. because I feel anything can be improved upon. For a living I buy product, add value and resell it. DIR is giving me suggestions for hose routing and gear setups. It is ingrained into me that I have to find the better ways to accomplish things. Read tleemay post of OOA divers coming up behind him and grabbing at his regulator. That panicked diver could easily have dislodged his necklaced backup and gotten his primary then he would have to fumble with the power inflator. My improvement suggestion is to put the primary w/swivel on a 36" hose routed under the right arm and necklace with you like. This can be donated and not very easily pulled away and lost because you can pin it under your arm. AirII on the power inflator and octo mounted to 7-9' hose wrapped under right arm around neck and back under right arm attached to d-ring or necklaced if you like. The octo is the one to donate for non emergency air sharing. This setup IMO has more options than DIR and is safer for any OW diver.


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