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Posted by tleemay on April 12, 2001 at 21:18:01:

In Reply to: Re: Immortal Diver? posted by seahunt on April 12, 2001 at 20:01:22:

Regardless if I am right or wrong in this case,
why does a story have to be "heartening"? If this
article causes even one more person to re-think
anyone's belief they are immortal when it comes to
SCUBA diving, then the post served yet another purpose.

Even though it's original purpose was to enlighted a few as to the history of the person who had the light go off in his head about deep stops, it does have another message - the one you appear to have received the gist of. As I wrote to Mr. S. Kenney in another thread, I am not telling anyone how to dive or enforcing them to dive DIR. I will, however, queery their practices and ask them questions though and hopefully receive a logical answer (flashback to the recent DIR demo in OC). If anyone has a problem with that or feel I need to be 'corrected' in person, they know where to reach me most any weekend. If they don't want to talk to me, they can have Kane or Walker - but they are not as nice as I am in discussion as history proves. It takes all kinds of messengers to deliver the message to all kinds of divers, whatever the message may be.

If you want to compare literal apples to oranges -balance the value of your stories with the warm and fuzzies to the real life accounts of individuals that don't ever want to see what they went through repeated by others - You can't for just that reason... the difference between apple and oranges. Each story serves a purpose. To denounce either is idiocy.

If you are out with us on a Charter, you can just denounce me under your breath and act as if you are ignoring me when someone walks up and requests a dialogue about the way I dive like someone obviously was doing on a recent trip. It's the divers that bring it up, not me. I always ask my Captain if it's OK to discuss the topic when they ask. I never ram it down someone's throat. Fortunately I have a Captain that, who may not necessarily agree with everything I promote, understands the good in the end result. This is the same Captain that says everyone has the right to dive the way they want.

There are those 'regulars' though of which I have running dialogues with here and on the boat - and the exchanges NEVER becomes confrontational or even acusing in nature, unlike some who post on this BBS.

I have received two e-mails from two of the
people who I originally responded to aparrently
after you posted a response to my Pyle URL target. One of them appears to have cc'd me on what he wrote to you in response to me 'making (him) up'. The other wanted to make sure you were the at the DIR demo (her words, not mine). I didn't feel a need to answer either.

I don't make up sock-puppets to serve any adgenda
I may or may not have. As I have portrayed in the
past, my record speaks for itself. I stand by
everything I say in the CA SCUBA community, BBS's, listservers, mailing lists, eGroups, newsgroups, etc. I of all people know how to
track such non-entities if I or my legal support
believe there is need. As MHK or even Ken Kurtis can vouch for me, I receive tons of crap for what I promote and yet I am willing to discuss. The sad part about that is, most of the crap generated from things I say here, and not elsewhere on the other 8 or so lists, BBS, or newsgroups I follow. I am beginning to feel like MHK in that the only exchange one can have on this BBS is defending one's intentions. The real disturbing fact is that this BBS and it's participants have the most clout with me for the most part, because I can name most of them in person and assign a face to their online monnikers.

In response to JR's point about bubble formation,
it was events like this in Ritchie's life that
got the whole ball rolling in the first place on
how the tissues handle the on/off gassing. HE was
the one who first reported the effects of deep stops. HE is the one the diving physiologists
studied after HE realized such possibilities. Any-
one that has even been remotely studying anything
on decompression theory has heard of Ritchie Pyle.
If they haven't, they didn't take a real stab at understanding it in the first place.

Ask Dr. Wienke about Pyle.

Ask Karl Huggins about Pyle.

Ask Jarrod Jablonski about Pyle.

Ask Joel Silverstein about Pyle.

Ask any of the TDI and IANTD gurus about Pyle.

Ask any seriously advancing rec or tech SCUBA diver about Pyle.

Ask Walker's latest tech class about Pyle.

Hell, even ask Hog Boy about Pyle - and he doesn't dive anymore! (sorry Troy - it was too easy to pass up 'bro ;-)).

Ritchie and his discovery about deep stops has
been studied by the best of them, and by those
who also want to be the best.

Af course you could just poo-poo the whole issue
and rely on you diving yard monitor that still
uses some ridged or modified Buhlman ZH-L16A or B schedule all the while you are kicking to stay off the bottom in 40+ pounds of lead bending you deep and penalize you shallow.

As to my posting of dives I have done, I have done
it. I have been doing it since mid-1995 when I discovered the ease of the Internet. I wrote my first URL script after taking a Pierce College night school class on the subject. I wrote what I believed was the first SoCal SCUBA Club Website in 11/95 completely manually scripted. At one time, it generated 300 plus hits a day - and without a root URL! I know how to post my stories and I know how to promote them. I just don't feel the need to constantly refer people to my sub-ladder URL for my own vanity. They are for the most part private to me and my loved ones, and they know where to find them. Counting site clicks or CGI unique addressed does nothing for me. Fo Chris, yes, but not for me. Outside of my Internet broadcasting business, I do not generate any $ for what I write, publish, broadcast, believe, promote, or discuss.

Danm this is starting to digress -

Keep your stories coming though, I hope to find something I like eventually. I mean, even Louis Lamour had a couple hits from the dozens he published ;-).

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