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Posted by seahunt on May 15, 2001 at 14:41:51:

In Reply to: Re: diveless one posted by seasnake on May 15, 2001 at 11:26:04:

If you tell me that you have never had an original thought in your
life, I'd believe it. That was what Terry said was a Sockpuppet or
just a dummy of any variety. My greatest value is what I can create,
so I very rarely copy.
Myself, I try to make sure that (almost) everything I post is original.
Somehow I don't think you have looked at my website. almost all of the
200 or so pictures and most of the essays are definately not copied
from somewhere else. Some of the essays are from other people and out
of respect for simple honesty, I make it clear that others wrote
them. I guess I'm not sure you would understand that there is any value
to creativity.
Actually, it's true that my last dive, on the Yukon and Ruby E were a
couple of months ago, but about a decade ago, after 20 years of diving,
I tried to cut out my diving from the start of the spring winds until
the blooms ended in May. I learned that diving is just usually poor at
that time of year, so why bother. I was diving too much anyway or at
least that was where all my money seemed to go. I guess if you dive
enough, even I can get jaded. Dive long enough and you might
Fear not little one though. Friday I will be diving in Florida and then
a few days in the Bahamas... and really, I've done enough diving that
I think I can go without a refresher. Really, if I never dove again,
I would still be far more of a diver than most people that ever get a
patch, but you wouldn't understand that, would you.
Enjoy, seahunt

PS. Your earlier comment that MHK made a 300 foot dive.....
That really does well make a point. Do you feel that the deeper the
dive the more it makes you a diver? That is one of the best ways to get
dead. As an experienced diver, I know that there is almost no reason to
go deep around here. That is part of what has allowed me to dive enough
to become such an experienced diver. I've never had an accident in near
3000 dives. Drop me a line when you can say that. Dive to 300 feet
regularly and you never will.

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