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Posted by Wood on July 02, 2001 at 19:11:07:

When does a wreck stop being a reef?

I ask this because that is what the Yukon was sunk for, to become part of the artificial reef project. Yet no one ever discusses this, it seems that it’s a wreck for wreck divers only in a lot of the minds that peruse this board. So let me ask you this; why can’t an experienced diver go and dive the external of the wreck and enjoy a perfectly safe “reef” dive? I use the word “safe” in local context, as in just as safe as a kelp dive to 90 feet that is also unprotected. Do we not trust them to stay outside? Why are we so intent on being chaperones? Local boats take divers to the deep kelp all the time, is that not an OE environment? We have seen an average of 4 people a year die in the kelp off of SD yet everyone is mostly concerned with the wreck.

Just to clear it up, no I’m not an idiot. I fully understand the dangers of diving in a wreck in these waters and don’t think it’s safe for the untrained. I usually don’t think it’s safe for some of the people who claim they are trained and have the cute card to prove it. But I don’t understand why many of you feel like divers shouldn’t be allowed on it at all without OE training. Most of the non-OE divers I’ve talked to don’t want to go inside. Why do we feel that we should be the wreck police? Why don’t we let people make their own decisions and live, or sometimes not, with their own consequences? I don’t like the thought of someone getting killed on the wreck anymore than anyone else does, I also don’t like the idea of someone else deciding for me where I can and can’t dive.

Before anyone even starts the “operators should be doing a better job of screening divers” thread, consider this; The one fatality that we have had at the site was off of a boat that was and probably is doing more to screen divers for the Yukon than any other boat. The lady lied about her experience so she could go. How many others have done the same?

Want them to show a log book? I’ll show you a log book, how many dives would you like it to show?

Have to have a special card? We all know better.

Tell them it’s not for them, they just want it more. Tell them they can’t come and they will tell you what you want to hear so they can.

If we never let non-OE divers dive the Yukon, where will all the OE students come from? Do you think they will take the class just so they can do the dive? It usually works the other way. The Yukon is a great tool to get people hooked on OE and technical diving.

Why can’t it be reef and a wreck?

I welcome opinions and arguments but please, if your idea of an opinion is to attack me or my intelligence, don’t waste the time. This board gets enough of that crap, it would be nice to have an intelligent debate.

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