Closures and Idiot's like some of you....

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Posted by Jason on July 11, 2001 at 07:00:04:

First off, I'll say that I too am against commercial and ruthless exploitation of our marine (and land) resources, and would like to see laws and the needed enforcement implemented, providing strict commercial fishing guidelines (based on scientific data, not 'feel good' fantasies).
Similarly, I'd like necessary guidelines for sport fishing / diving related take, such as seasons, limits, min AND maximum size allowable.

However, what I'm hearing here is nothing but a whole bunch of 'tree huggers' forcing THEIR way of life onto others...
What's worse is seeing many here, whom are GREATLY lacking COMMON sense.
The last time I visited this site, it was the same old 'salad shooter' crap, and unfortunately for me, it is still the same (Adios forever, amigos).
Many of you are so narrow-minded, that you have NO IDEA of the things to come.
Do you eat seafood? Where do you buy it from? Do you think about the 'ocean rapist' that caught that fish for your dining pleasure? --- OR ---
Are you a vegetarian? Would you like 'everyone else' to be just as 'environmentally friendly' as you are?
That brings me to my next question.... Where do you live? Do you have a roof over your head? How about the 'environmental impact' that cutting those trees (your house) had on the habitat of some creature?

I obey (or as God's truth, try) ALL fish and game laws, and catch / take what I will immediately consume or use, and try to do it with little or no impact.
Go after those who carelessly 'destroy' the resources for financial gain, much like the now non-existent So. Cal. abalone industry. If you are a vegetarian, then, good for you. You have the right to be. Similarly, if you want to 'take only pictures, and leave only bubbles', then do so.
However, don't dictate your B.S. to me or get me to be as 'perfect and in-total-harmony' (or so you think) as you are!
It's funny how you are digging your own graves... It's only a matter of time before they discover that 'lettuce' feels pain too, and that it has emotions as well. OR, that the noise from your engine (or bubbles from your scuba gear) interferes with, and affects an urchin's ability for a full erection during mating season.
How about your mere presence altering the sea lion's mating pattern, as he might find you more desirable than his mate?
Then, where will you be? Will you sing to the same tune?
I have a solution though.... Help the marine life, and the environment....
I seem to recall the last time I visited this site, there was similar B.S. about "sharks don't attack, because that will imply malice, which they are incapable of, instead they either 'defend' or 'feed'".
Well, here is something positive you can do... why don't you go and feed one today!
Next time that you cut yourself shaving, jump in your boat, locate them, jump in the water, and start thrashing around singing 'Kumbaya my shark, kumbaya' (or come to mama, whichever you like).
The world will be a better place...

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