Re: Witnesses Recount Florida Shark "Attack"

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Posted by Tailspin on July 13, 2001 at 05:31:16:

In Reply to: Witnesses Recount Florida Shark "Attack" posted by Demo on July 12, 2001 at 21:34:07:

I'm sorry. I try to sit back and let people spew this pablum without saying anything, but what kind of an idiot equates the life of a fish with that of a human child? I understand what is sad for the boy, but what is sad for the d*mn shark?

Sometimes, sharks bite (and sometimes kill) people. I don't care what is on the shark's mind when he does it. I don't care if he thinks the person is a seal or whatever. The result is the same.

I think scorpions and black widows are interesting creatures, and I enjoy looking at them in a jar. But when I come across them in their natural habitat (my garage in the case of a recent black widow sighting) I kill them without remorse.

Lions are noble beasts, but they will eat people if they are hungry or provoked.
A human life trumps an animal life in EVERY instance. NO EXCEPTIONS. If a human being is truly starving in the forest and a spotted owl is hooting nearby...he becomes supper. No argument.

You idiots that want to put the value of your own lives on a par with any animal...go so with your own lives.

But shut up about the little boy. His life was worth more than that of every shark in the ocean.

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