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Posted by kelphead on August 13, 2001 at 14:16:59:

perhaps the folks on the boat that day were too stupid to figure this one out, but how do you explain the following?:

two bottles hung over the stern of the charter boat, each containing 40% O2 mix. each has its own 1st stage and 2nd stage hanging off it.

after the end of the dive, all divers return to the boat and the bottles are lifted up, but now only one of those bottles still has its 1st and 2nd stage attached to it--the other one has apparently lost the complete reg setup.

conditions: calm, no current.

usage: no one had used either bottle at all.

1st stage setup: it's a din valve.

the 'safety diver'/crewman dived down and retrieved the reg from the bottom.

ok, so how did a din valve pressurized reg attached to a bottle at ~20ft come off by itself...??...


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