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Posted by Cabo on September 10, 2001 at 23:30:11:

I tried a slight mod to the suggestion or more accurately statement of how Mr. Kane would carry a pony bottle (if Needed). I recently was mounting the bottle horizontally (referring to a standing position)below the bottom of my BP and of course behind me. This worked BUT I looked at the config stated, Stage rigged, clipped to the side D-Ring with the body of the bottle floating in my slipstream.
It works GREAT!! The slight mod I made is the size of the Bottle. I don't really feel a need for a 40cu. on a shallow shore or boat OW Recreational (aren't they all?) type dive so I Mini-Rigged my 6cu. and my 13cu. and tried 'em. Best thing ever for my ponies! No silly clamps and gizmo's on my tank, no silly clips behind me and no folded up hose. I use a good Non-swivel 1st w/pony guage and a SHORT hose (11 inches) for the 2nd. I sliced one of those Bike innertubes in 1/4 inch wide strips and use ONE to hold the 2nd to the side of the bottle (thin like that so it CAN be broken if needed)
If this thing snags and becomes a danger it can be either unclipped or cut free of my rig in a second! If needed as a handoff or for my own use it is more accessible than any place I have ever tried!
This probably isn't the "end all, be all" of tiny pony rigs but for a backplate IT KICKS!
Once again, thanks Mr.Kane

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