Kids having access to their parents computers...

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Posted by Grunt on September 13, 2001 at 15:00:27:

I found this site quite by accident and have been entertained this past week by some of the postings. It appears to me, having read some these posts, that some of you (and everyone on this site knows who you are) are possibly make believe military divers or make believe technical divers or something. You try to impress others with your vast knowledge. You attempt to give advise like you have actual experience in various areas of dive disciplines and that somehow you would like to be looked on as a diving educator,or someone with real knowledge. To the informed, you only have book knowledge at best. Real knowledge (the kind that is of substance, that, which people can draw wisdom from and bank on) comes from experience and a lot of it. Real Military, research, technical and professional diving instructors are adults. they do not act like the children you portray. I know, I am a former Marine Corps Combat Diver, I am a diving instructor and I have spent a good part of my life with divers from all of these disciplines and they are truly fine people. I would ask you to not make believe that which you are not. Remember, this is not directed at everyone on this site... Just a few.

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