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Posted by Finfan on August 21, 2002 at 16:41:34:

In Reply to: you obviously didn't read my post posted by Brad on August 21, 2002 at 15:02:21:

I knew the challenge to produce some actual scientific data to support your opinions would finally put an end to your ramblings.

I on the other hand am more than willing to put scientific data behind my theories. You may want to take the time to explore the following site:

I would focus on the West Coastal conditions and particularily the section on the SCB that would be the So California Bight area which includes the channel islands and often mentions PV. PS - I have more sources if you really want to learn the truth about declining fish stocks.

I think what really set me off even more than your unsubstantiated opinions was your statement that we need to treat pelagics differently than we treat our local fish species. Clearly, you are a person who is only thinking about their own interests and then to have the nerve to challenge me on my interests.

I'm sorry your feelings got hurt, but you're going to have to be prepared to be exposed for what you are if you are going to make statements that have no scientific proof to support your positions or worse, if you plan on discounting known causes such as pollution that has empirical studies showing direct impact.

Maybe next time you'll come to the board with a opinion based on facts and knowledge and then we could have an honest debate.

I'm out- my wife's making abalone tonight.

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