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Posted by ptf on September 05, 2002 at 07:03:21:

In Reply to: Lack of Customer Service from CEE RAY posted by Tim on September 04, 2002 at 23:10:08:

Do you still say "permission to come aboard" before you jump onto a boat? It is common courtesy. Not all captains and crews live near the dock where a boat is moored and thus it maybe an inconvienance for them to swing by the boat for a left artical. I think that in the San Pedro/Long Beach fleet there are Captains that live in Corona and so your whining that you have to take a day off work to get a what? say $150 jacket that may or may not have sentimental value makes no sense to take a day off work. Lesson learned. After you have schlepped all your gear off the boat back to your vehicle go back to the boat, personally thank the captain and crew for the lift and do a final sweep. It is amazing what is left behind. When I do this I tell the captain what I am taking and then tell him that if anyone calls it is at the shop that chartered the boat and will be there for 1 month before it is donated.... So here is a personal story. I once let someone borrow a cylinder of mine for a trip. When they got off the boat they left my cylinder on the boat. Yeah that one sucked. I called the captain the next day and he told me I was out of luck cause the next day the boat was going into dry dock for 2 weeks. I was infdormed that if things slowed down during dry dock I could come down and retrieve it but I would have to wait. Things don't slow down during dry dock 'cause time is $$ anyway I get a call and am told to go down if I want the tank the next week.... do your final sweep it is worth the effort.

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