Re: 1st Dry suit dive

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Posted by kelphead on February 18, 2001 at 16:15:48:

In Reply to: 1st Dry suit dive posted by randy54 on February 18, 2001 at 12:43:20:

congrats on your new dry suit, randy!!!

= : D

yeah, it's different actually diving in one even
after you hear a ton of people talk about it. it
certainly is an experience to come out of the water
completely dry w/not one drop of seawater on you.

re:your bouyant feet, as you are probably well
aware, that's normal. i actually thought that i
would not need my ankle wts (which i've ALWAYS needed
w/my wetsuit) when diving w/my rock boots. i just
figured the rock boots would be heavy enough,
but, alas, i was very very very wrong. if you
think it's worthwhile, you may want to look into
wearing a pair of ankle wts, probably no more
than 1# each. actually, instead of dropping some
money down at the counter, you can make your own
at home (if you want details, e-mail me, i made
my own pair a couple of months ago).

my 1st dive w/o ankle wts was an utterly complete
nightmare; my 2nd dive w/ankle wts went soooooo
much more smoothly. anyway, just an idea.

i, too, purchased some neoprene socks to wear
over my wool socks. also, keep in mind 'coolmax'
type socks to wick the sweat away.

sounds like you had some good diving conditions.

best wishes.


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