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Posted by seahunt on February 21, 2001 at 12:05:32:

In Reply to: Cop out...... posted by MHK on February 21, 2001 at 09:30:28:

>>If you claimed that you could climb Mt. Everest
I try to remind you, you were the one that claimed you could
climb Everest (do manual decocalcs). Not me.
Don't climb it, just tell me the route you propose.
I'm not telling you to teach it to me, just gimme a hint.
This is stupid.
Anything that can't be described, not taught, just described, is
more complicated than Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity
Tell you what.
For the reasons stated, I don't know if I can make your demo
even if it is on a weekend. But, if anyone else can make it,
you or they can describe what JJ said. If it makes any sense or if
there is a description, not necessarily the method, in the DIR Rec
book that we have been promised. If I can get a description of the
theory behind it, the methods, the data sampling methods, the data
out format OR one single level of the calculations required, any
hint OR description from any place that shows a manual deco calc
method that is anywhere near as accurate as a computer for NDL sport
diving, then I'll never mention your claims again. That's a lot of
room and offers you a huge target. At least take some small shot at
It's not a matter of me going to your demo. It's just a matter
of me posting that you are a BS Artist everytime you push your
non-existant manual deco method until you post some description
of it that sounds functional and safe. That's reasonable isn't
it. I wouldn't expect you to object, cuz you did the very same
service for Ken. Heck, you were still calling him a liar after
he denied having said what you claimed he said.
Just tell me where Everest is, maybe how tall it is. Your route,
where you will start, what supplies will be required or even just
what kind of boots you plan to wear. Otherwise, you may as well
tell me you are going hiking on the moon.
Gads this conversation is boring.
Enjoy, seahunt

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