4 Those Of U Who Have Exch'd E-mails w/Me - It's THIS Saturday

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Posted by tleemay on February 27, 2001 at 10:43:32:

I have been in a series of heated and not-so-heated discussions via private e-mail in the past week over DIR and the typical sport diver. I have had exchanges with 14+ different divers who wanted to understand first hand. I even went as far as inviting two divers from the 'net over to my home last evening to discuss as best as I could, among other DIR facets, why a computer isn't always the safest and most efficient way to dive. I will point out that I am not an instructor and at every opportunity reminded everyone I had a discussion with - via e-mail or in person - of that fact.

Even though I was able to convey my points and promote a general
understanding to these people, I have also advised them to seek
out the best source of information from the most qualified people
available on DIR and it's configuration and phylisophies.

As much as I enjoy discussing the DIR issues, I have too must hand off holding the pipe of information to those more qualified. In this case I am referring all who inquire to speak directly to Jarrod Jablonski when he visits SCUBA Toys this Saturday at 3pm. With JJ & the local DIR contingency present, DIR rigged gear and an indoor heated pool
available, this is the best chance ever to get your questions,
concerns, complaints, and other issues addressed. JJ is THE man when
it comes to DIR, not George Irvine as most commonly believed. JJ is
a very well educated, personable, and an extremely experienced open water, wreck, and cave explorer. Other than like diving credentials, he and George are two different animals. JJ has done sport dives and expeditions in waters that would scare the Hell out of the typical sport diver. He is totally un-presumptious in regard to DIR and how others feel obout it - positive or not. JJ will primarily be addressing sport diving and the DIR application and skew it for CA diving. Technical divers and their questions are more than welcome, but the Q's will probably be addressed outside of the main presentation.

This is a first hand chance for those of you who want to get the skinny on the GUE Recreational Sport Diver program that's due to be released very soon to the public from the man who primarily wrote it. If you are at all considering DIR or any of it's aspects, this is a must event for you to attend. If you want to argue about DIR and it's
practicaility (or not depending on you position) you also need to be at this event. This is your chance to let whomever have whatever piece of mind you see fit to extract. Don't worry, it will be given back... probably a bit more enlightened. If you don't attend, you'll sacrafice a prime opportunity to be armed with correct information and facts should you ever discuss the topic, pro or con, in the future.

To cost for the event, presentation, demo gear trial, pool access, etc? A whopping $0.

For information on how to get to SCUBA Toys, in Cypress, contact Jim Hoffman at (714) 527-0430. Again, the event is this Saturday March 3rd at 3pm.

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