Re: Groups with Definable Philosophies

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Posted by Neil on August 15, 2001 at 10:49:53:

In Reply to: Re: Groups with Definable Philosophies posted by MHK on August 15, 2001 at 09:18:18:

I'll try , here goes.

1) Do either angency advocate a uniform approach and standardized gear configuration???
>> Both agencies do have a minimum gear requirement. I can argue that open water divers use a
couple of minor variations on a standard setup. What truly MAJOR differences do you see? And I mean between
non DIR "tech" divers.
2) Do either agency spend any meaningful time on gear choices during class???
>> That's left to the instructor. Define "meaningful". :^) I do not like to sell gear during
class, so my recommendations are general guidelines unless a student wants some individual suggestions. I answer ALL
questions about gear and don't recommend stuff I think is junk.

3) Do either agency discuss the donation of the primary hose during an OOA??
>> Why should they? Because Mikey says it's better? :^) I do, even though I don't teach it. Why? because they
are going to see folks using that technique and I want them to know the reasoning behind it.
4) Do either agency discuss standardized gas supply??
>> What is a "standardized gas supply". I carry more than enough for a dive. I think everybody should.

You do the skills and your done...

>>No, you perform the skills properly, and THEN you're done. In a GUE class, once I'm finished learning the skills,
do I not get to go home and go diving? Oh, I forgot. The initiation bonfire.


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