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Posted by MHK on August 15, 2001 at 11:29:09:

In Reply to: Re: Groups with Definable Philosophies posted by Neil on August 15, 2001 at 10:49:53:


We could go back and forth all day discussing intangibles.. What I have personally experienced, based upon my experiences with the PADI classes that I have taken, assisted and witnessed on countless boats and at Casino Point, is that PADI is willing to put up with medocirity and they basically provide for the student to do as little as possible, given the repsective requirements of the course, whereas I juxtapose that against what I have personally experienced in the GUE classes that I have taken, asssisted and witnessed.. It's just the opposite, they require much more, not just mediocrity..

That is an intangible that we will get no where debating on the net because I can't *prove* it vis-a-vis an BBS exchange..

If you think that PADI challenges students then that is your opinion and I respect that.. I share a different point of view and would invite you to compare the two agencies by actually witnessing first hand accounts..

I use an example all the time that put the differences into proper perspective.. For example a PADI mask R & R generally involves the student sitting on their knees then flooding and clearing, then R & R.. The GUE class would have the instructor taking the mask off when the student least expects it, and then requiring the student maintain proper trim, bouyancy and then a controlled ascent absent a mask..

Again, the intangible that is difficult to get accross on a bbs, is that in a GUE class the intention is to prepare you for the reality.. Generally speaking if you loose your mask underwater it's because it got kicked off accidently.. To that end what good did it do you that in your OW class you cleared your mask wheil sitting on your knees and didn't learn how to ascend???? By doing it the way GUE does it, you are under direct supervision and you've worked your way out of a simulated situation and you'll be confident you'll be able to handle it should it occur..

Take that example and apply it out against just about every aspect of the class and that is what I'm trying to get across.. It's steps up the task loading and challenges, not coddles...


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