Definition of "unnecessary" gear?

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Posted by AADIVER on August 25, 2001 at 17:33:30:

A few days ago MHK gave a very concise, informative and, by and large, objective definition of DIR gear configuration which went a long way in explaining why it's termed "holistic". In the post he states:

"By altering the totality of the system by unnecessary inclusion or by eliminating that which is specifically recommended you will disturb a carefully crafted balance."

The question presents itself: who or what defines what is necessary or unnecessary and or recommended? Is the system totally intolerant of deviation from the GUE mandates, irrespective of the diving environment?

Mike also listed a number of DIR do's and don'ts but neglected to include the following: no computers, no ankle weights, no snorkles. May I/we assume the inclusion of those items will "disturb a carefully crafted balance"?

I believe the perception of absolute rigid adherence to DIR gear configuration has and is causing the greatest amount of resistance to an admittedly safe, streamlined, minimalist, and efficient diving system.

Anyone else...?

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