Beware of the hypocrites about "Solo" diving?

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Posted by Mike Meagher on September 05, 2000 at 21:44:54:

I've been looking at some of the comments about "solo" diving.

Some of you "experts" are disgusting.You know who you are.

Yes, you the instructor or dive shop owner,
who have been preaching buddy diving for so many years. You're also the same ones that sneak off on dive boat, when no one is looking, on opening night, or occasional beach dives and go "solo" once in a while. You've even occasionally will ditch your "buddy" once in a while.

As far as I'm concerned, most divers are in reality diving "solo" even
when a buddy is with them. The average diver (even the "advanced diver" with 100 dives under their belts) are generally worthless if "something" were to happen to you. When I was an instructor, I soon realized that I was in reality diving "solo" even when I had a basic class in the water. Did you ever think any of those "buddys" had the skill to take care of me? I think not.

I'm just tired of the crap.

I've been diving alone for many, many years. And during my early years, I had more problems when a "buddy" was around, than when I was diving "solo". The only time it makes sense to dive with a buddy is when you are over 35, when you get close to the risk of having a heart attack while diving. That way, your buddy can drag your body
(assuming they have a strong enough kick) back to the boat, so the next of kin have something to bury.

So.. you know who you are. The ones that used to say "multi level" diving is bad. Now, you do it all the time. You even sell "the wheel" or computers that now justify that its OK. Remember when you said that was bad?

You're also the same ones that used to talk down about twin tanks and deep diving. But now, its OK cause now its "tech". Its just a fad to wear lots of fancy gear, and breath man altered gasses. (meaning anything other than air). Whatever happened to diving with good ol air? You hear all the stories of the "tech divers" dying left and right. You experts are the very same ones that sold them that gear, and all that training, but never minded to teach them basic diving skills. Basic waterman ship skills. Today's divers rely too much on equipment.

And who came up with the "solo" crud? Its been called diving ALONE for many years. Why must a PC term be applied to it? "I go solo diving, so I can be one with nature...". Yea,... right.

Here's my advice to the new divers.

1. Take what most of the "experts" tell you with a grain of salt. They will always tell you, or sell you, what is in their best interest. (Isn't it funny how the best diveboat, wetsuit, regulator, BC, etc. changes as their credit lines change with their suppliers?)

2. Keep it simple. Wear as little junk as possible. Equipment wont save you, a good kick and keeping a clear head will.

3. Do what you want. Pretend that your on you own at all times. Even if diving with a buddy, dive as if they are out to get you. Don't rely on anyone else but youself.

4. Use the Navy dive tables, stick to them as they were designed and you wont get bent. They've never let me down on THOUSANDS of dives.

5. Don't risk your life on fancy nitrox, or other gasses. Some flunkie minimum wage dive shop kid may make a mistake filling your tanks, and you will pay the price. Only use clean, filtered air.

6. Never hold your breath.

Remember: You jump in the water. You go down. You come back up. Thats it.
And have a good time in between. :)

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