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Posted by seahunt on May 31, 2001 at 21:55:22:

In Reply to: Re: free speech does not equal vulgar and impolite speach posted by MHK on May 31, 2001 at 17:30:30:

From the FAQ..."You must be reasonably courteous."
Get a clue Michael. Before you came to this board there was no name calling. You visited the RSD board and there was instantly this war. You consider insults and name calling acceptable. Do you claim that it's courteous?
How many times have you called Chris or me stupid, let alone others like Kelphead. You call anyone stupid simply if they don't agree with you and often for less than that. You don't in any way try to control your total contempt for anyone that doesn't agree with you. I hate to tell you that not only are you not stupid, but Chris is probably far more educated than you and I most certainly am, but you just love saying stupid stupid stupid. You've called me stupid at least 15 times (and one idiot) in just one post. Tell me how many times anyone but I have called you stupid. You have a near monopoly on that.
You and JW frequently send off unprovoked attacks... lets see, just for a few examples I'll just mention your recent attack on Steve and that amazing attack by JW on the poor guy asking for So Cal dive jobs information. I posted some basic, innocuous dive tips and you just reacted and went off. Not only was it completely predictable, it was so obviously off the wall that even you had to retract your complaint. You say that we don't come up with inmtelligent responses, it was you that first used belligerancy as a conversational technique. No one else came up with the idea.
Can you name one incident of a hostile disagreement on this BBS that did not involve your DIR group? Has anyone not involved in a DIR discussion ever called anyone a liar? Yet you have done it frequently. (I did it some to try to slow down your excesses. I think I am the only other non-DIR person to do that) I've almost never seen anyone even get rude over any other issue.
You have never addressed my repeated statements that the problem is not DIR, it is your harassment and unprovoked attacks. You only respond that it's not my business and I'm an idiot. Figure that after you bomb on someone, I send them an email asking what they think of the experience. You don't make any friends that way.
Get a clue.
I have heard... that George Irvine got kicked out of Technical Divers International (TDI) for ungentlemanly conduct. If this is true, that's amazing. I've never even heard of something like that, but it doesn't surprise me any having experienced you, his protoge.
This board was impecably polite until your crowd came along. I hear that the DIR crowd has made it the same way or worse on the tech BBS. We all sure remember that cute post about Frank that you posted there.
What annoys me the most is that in trying to solve the problem you represent, I lowered myself to near your level. It left a foul taste and I'll never try that again. Be clear that for my part, I think some DIR elements have some application to CA diving, but YOU have no application or place in my world. You are hostile, dishonest, nasty and ugly to deal with. I have rarely in my life met a nastier person than you and I've known a few. No, you're not stupid, but you do clearly seem to have some seriously loose screws. Your fanatism allows you to rationalize behavior that would never be tolerated anywhere that people meet in person.
As for DIR, you claim that we never look at it or say what our preferred diving methodology is. Well you may remember that I did a detailed critique of the 2 main BBS's (by JJ and GI) and pointed out that of the approximatately 10 points made on each BBS, 70% applied to deep wreck/cave and were mostly meaningless to CA sport diving. You just said that they were too long to respond to.
Tell you what, I'll try to write up a description of a diving philosophy that probably encompasses most of what is needed for sport diving and is both much more fun and more practical for local conditions (and many other places) than DIR. I'll make it short enough for you to make it through. It will then be easy for you to critique that system (with no need for name calling or insults) and tell us why DIR is so much better. Then it will just be your opinion against another. How'z that? You can then try to rationally defend the vast superiority of DIR that you claim justifys your anti-social and uncivilized behavior on this board.
After your behavior, calling Chris impolite is like the kettle calling Al Gore a winner. Just stop for a minute and think of what Curt said. Think about how many others have told you the same thing. Get a clue and try on some manners.

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