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Posted by Another TDI diver on August 27, 2001 at 22:39:13:

In Reply to: Re: Not trying to Flame anyone, please read post for e-mail informaiton posted by TDI Diver on August 27, 2001 at 18:16:33:

I don't feel like getting flamed either and have been quiet on this forum
but here is my 2 cents
I teach for several agencies including TDI and ANDI. Their materials are
good and getting better (SDI Side). They definately aren't the best,
right now I think ANDI has better materials and stricter standards.
(if you want specifics I'll post em)
TDI and ANDI don't get crazy with physical swimming and
endurance standards, both GUE and IANTD are stricter
here but I don't think its really necessary. Once
adrenaline kicks in even an "out of shape" diver
can swim long distances, or do rescues (if trained )

What I do know is that ANDI had been around since 1988 and has NEVER had an
insurance claim or serious training accident, (and no cases pending) this includes
dives to 100m (328ft for you now metric aware people) and closed
circuit rebreathers. TDI has only been around since 1994, and from what I have been told
there are a few cases pending.. IANTD has had some problems (especially on ccr), GUE is to
young to have a statistical significance in terms of age and divers certified.

TDI's nitrox and advanced nitrox manuals have less info than ANDI's
complete safe air user manual (nitrox to 50%)
TDI's Nitrox, ADV nitrox and deco procedures has less info than ANDI's
technical scuba diver text.
TDI no longer has an extended range manual per se, you hvae to use Bretts Deep diver book
also they have only a modest trimix manual.
ANDI has a combined extended range/trimix manual thats quite extensive.
I know a few real good instructors with IANTD and a few real bad ones..
SOme of their manuals are quite good.
BTW at one time the heads of both IANTD and TDI were ANDI instructors.
1 was an instructor trainer but I don't remember which. Gilliam always
seems to acknowledge ANDI but Mount seems to purposely leave out
any mention of ANDI.
ALSO IANTD claims to be the first nitrox agency technically this is false
The iantd that exists today (controlled my mount) is really not the same
agency that was founded by Dick Rutkowski (IANTD was supposed to be a temporary agency)
In fact many of the early IANTD cards (before mount) were actually procuced by
ANDI. for IANTD. Dick was part of ANDI but parted ways.

TDI classes can be very informative as long as the instructor has
a broader knowledge base than is in the manuals.
TDI and ANDI both give the instructor flexability
in how they teach equipment rigging, I'm not a DIR advocate,
but make my students aware there are several points of view
on how to rig gear and as long as the gear is safe, redundant,
and buddy teams can work comfortable together, I don't have a problem with it..
What I do have a problem with is Forcing one mentality and basically
1 gear manufacturer down the throats of a diver.

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