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Posted by SLANG on November 07, 2001 at 11:34:16:

In Reply to: Understanding the *solutions* before you get into the water posted by MHK on November 07, 2001 at 10:30:27:

Mike (or Ken)-

First, you seem to be basing all your posts on the position that Marta was in fact bent. I would offer that none of your, or Ken's, recommendations are worth arguing over if she did not suffer some form of DCI. The simple fact that her symptoms did not resolve during recompression would appear to be a strong indicator that she was not "bent."

Of course we all know there are many variables, and "hits" can occur for any number of reasons on dives that would otherwise appear to be relatively benign. The profile of Marta's dive, as described by her, was not an extreme one. With no residual nitrogen level, her dive, on the face of it, should not have caused any problems. Marta herself has doubts that this was in fact a decompression related incident. Apparently her treating physicians did as well. Why are we all rushing to the assumption that this is a case of DCI? Marta's symptoms could merely have been some form of Neuropathy or paresthesia brought on by some completely unrelated circumstance. Such things are fairly common.

The second issue is addressed specifically to Mike: You repeatedly suggest Marta would have been better off using a 32% mix. Doesn't that break with GUE/DIR standards? Doesn't the 124 fsw max depth indicate she would have, on 32%, been exceeding the maximum allowable 1.4 PPO for the working portion of her dive? Or are my calculations off?

Just curious


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