Those reserves are far too small to yeald any spillover benefits

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Posted by Brad on August 20, 2002 at 17:47:22:

In Reply to: Re: naw, i'll keep the Riffe posted by finfan on August 20, 2002 at 06:55:13:

I don't believe anyone would hold those so-called 'reserves' up as an example of the potential that many other reserves have shown, they are simply too small in area.

The Cape Canaveral reserve is a good example of the positive effects of a reserve that encompasses enough habitat to produce some extraordinary benefits. The LA Times did a story on the CC reserves a few weeks ago. The most significant fact that i got from the article was that an undeniably disproportionate number of the state records came from the areas adjacent to the reserves. It went on to say that most of the charter boat skippers bring their customers to the areas outside the reserves because that is where the best fishing in the area is.

{i had fish at a restaurant once in mexico back in 86', none since, been boycotting shrimp for the last 20 years also)

I tend to discount the pollution factor as it applies to the general decline of our fisheries. I have spent about a month a year at San Clemente Island each year for the past decade and i have NEVER seen coastal pollution, runoff, excessive red tide, silt, etc., reach the offshore waters, yet the resident populations are depressed there, do to both commercial and recreational take. Particularly commercial live fish trapping. The FACT is pollution simply does not get that far off shore. The pollution that exists nearshore, does have a negative systemic effect on the coastal waters, yet fish seem to thrive in the most polluted waters such as LA Harbor and SD harbor. I think people tend to overstate the effects of pollution as it relates to the diminished resident fisheries, particularly the island environments.

I have never swam at PV, but i believe that the factors that resulted in the diminished kelp forests are the same as they are at the islands. Next lobster season, note where they place their traps; right in the kelp, pulling the footings. Sport and dive boats anchor in the kelp also. The urchin barrons can be attributed to the lack of predation as much as any other single factor. Resident species are simply not able to keep the populations in check.....

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