Was it solo or deep air that caused this fatality???????

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Posted by MHK on November 14, 2000 at 11:41:22:

I know that we have been back and forth on the solo and deep air thing but I just read this on the WKPP list and I thought I'd share it. Granted this isn't in our area but it seesm to me that this 21 year old med. student broke a helluva lot of rules and paid for it with his life.. Be careful out there guys...

> Subject: Fatality in Brazil
> The recovery team from Gustavo Sallum´s fatality sent me this
> I translated for the benefit of all the list´s participants.
> The victim was considered lost on November 2 nd. at about 8:30 pm after
> not returning from a solo dive,on air,planned for a depth of 60 meters at
> the Ceita Core cave in Bonito-Ms-Brazil.While two other divers were at a
> side tunnel,Gustavo should have done his dive and joined them at the
> exit,but he did not return.The two other divers tried a quick search but
> had to call the dive due to depth and air supply limits.
> On the same night ,the local guide,Ismael Escote did a trimix dive to 77
> meters but could not find Gustavo.
> The recovery team came from São Paulo about 1200 km far from Bonito,which
> delayed the procedures to the 4th. of November.
> A good team work was done with Afonso going down to104.7 meters where the
> body was found.His doubles had 110 BAR of air, his regulators,wings and
> dry suit were working well,but his backplate harness had to be cut,since
> it had no quick-release system,in order to elevate the body.Robert
> received the body at 74 meters and passed it to Gabriel at 42,who took it
> to the base of the entry restriction at 15 meters.From there ,Luiz,Ismael
> and Sergio took it to the surface,through the restriction.
> Due to the fact that the victim was found without the regulator in his
> mouth,with his fists tightly shut,not holding his light,the recovery
> team´s main hipothesis is that he had a convulsion or passed out before
> drowned.The mainline was also entangled around his neck.
> Gustavo was an Nss-Cds full cave diver,mixed gas diver TDI and a PADI OW
> Instructor.He was a med-school student and 21 years old.
> The Recovery team had the support of Igarape tourism agency´s crew as
> as local authorities from Bonito.
> In respect to the family, it is asked that further speculations be
> by now,untill a complete report has been finished.
> Recovery participants were:Afonso Pinheiro,Gabriel Ganme,Robert Kover
> Jr.,Luis Augusto Pedro,Sergio Rhein and Ismael Escote.
> As soon as I am able to gather more information,I will send it to the
> list.
> Ricardo Meurer
> IUCRR Regional Coordinator - BRAZIL

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