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Posted by tleemay on April 12, 2001 at 18:50:03:

In Reply to: Re: Immortal Diver? posted by seahunt on April 12, 2001 at 15:55:01:

I posted a reference in one thread about Pyle stops;

Two people initially wrote me and asked what a Pyle
stop was. I explained to them yesterday afternoon
via e-mail.

This AM I found yet another person asking me what
a Pyle stop was. I explained it to (I guess by
the e-mail address) her too. I feel no need to
tell anyone publically who asked me to explain
what a Pyle stop was. If they want the world to
know they will come forward and ID themselves, or
perhaps they would have asked me to explain to
them publically by responding to the BBS message
I posted. They did not, so I did not - it's common
Internet courtesy... you know what that is, don't

This afternoon, this URL referenced recount of his
experience popped up on the Brown University
listserver. I never requested it - I wasn't expecting
it. The journal-like article gives great insight
from where Mr. Pyle was coming from. I thought that
since it was relevant to what I originally posted
referencing Richie's research AND the request from
others, I felt I would repost it for all to see. Or
do you perhaps feel that such a story shouldn't have
been written and distributed for all to see in the first
place. If that's so, please cite chapter and verse
in the guidelines of this BBS where that my actions
we not acceptable - prior to this post - and I will
forever never forward another such article again Mr.
BBS Co-Admin. I thouigh Chris' intent for this BBS was
for new and old divers alike to ask of and learn
from the experiences of others? I heard him say those
exact words just last Saturday during one of our
many discussions over the years.

As to whatever Boogie Man you are compelled to
compare the post too, that's your own demon to deal
with. This is not, nor was not, anything involving
DIR . Pyle stops are being practiced by hundreds
of divers who do not consider themselves DIR...
you assuming more into the post than was really
written or intended. Go ahead and assume some
more... it becoming of you.

Richie's didn't die, nor did Dr. Randal. In fact,
other than his friend dying due to DCS 9 months
earlier, 95% of the recount is not a story of
anything morbid. This was an article about how Mr.
Pyle thought of himself to be invincible at one
time - and how he realized he was not. It was from
experiences like the one's he writes about where
he gained insight that deep stops were a good thing.

Or should we have it the other way where we should
NOT learn from the experiences and mistakes of

These connection? Deep stops are referred amongst
most seriously advanced rec and tech divers as
'Pyle Stops'. The enable the body to clean up
fast tissues more effectively.

Why am I explaining this to you anyway? Because
there are others out there that want the information,
just as much as people want to read about you long
written stories of diving in the years of yore. Some
people want to continue to move with the advances
being mad in understanding the theory of decompression,
and the effects it has on their bodies.

If you didn't like the where it was going, then you
perhaps shouldn't have read it. But one has to ask,
did it strike a nerve in you? By you reaction it
looks to be so. I read the stuff you post and
believe it's decent stuff, but I have no problem
not reading it when it goes too long or doesn't
hold my interest at the time. I don't believe I
have ever accused you, or anyone else posting such
essays, of their factual nature.

For stories, that's your domain - ghosts or not.
The people who asked and the Brown University List-
server that distributed to about 300 divers around
the world I do not believe were looking or distributing
anything 'ghost'-like. Anyone with a decent knowlege
of how the Internet works can go to the Brown University
listserver and see the story, it's posting author,
and distribution time stamp.

Now go away and fullfill your Co-Admin duties and
delete the post where Kelphead used the four lettered
"S" word in it's common spelling and leave us who
want to pass along information in an appropraite forum
and fashion alone.

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