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Posted by MHK on June 05, 2001 at 16:08:26:

In Reply to: I suggest a truce posted by Jeff B on June 05, 2001 at 12:14:44:


My opinions about diving are very well known, I discuss them often. I'm willing to dive with diver's who want to understand more, I put on demo's religiously and it's a very fair statement to say that you don't have to look hard to know where I stand on the issues.

Seahunt, on the other hand, doesn't advance anything, he stands for nothing and simply has self-appointed himself as the net cop...

Seahunt's stated objection is to damage my credibility. I would love to engage in a discussion with Seahunt about diving, but that isn't his desire.. Seahunt has appointed himself as the guy that will defend everyone against me, however he isn't bright enough to see that the only people we beat up is him and Chris, and they both throw as many punches as they take..

I've been begging for months for Seahunt to offer up his system but all we hear from him is 3000 word posts that say nothing...

Doesn't it strike anyone else as strange that after all his noise no one really knows where he stands or what he stands for????

If someone has a question we'll answer it but at this point I can no longer take anything Seahunt says seriously as he has become the cartoon character of the list.. I've yet to see him in the water but in speaking to him it was clear to anyone is listening distance that his diving knowledge is severly limited, not that we have a problem with that, it's just that we'd prefer that he back up some of his positions with facts.. The DIR system is picked apart day in and day out on every single list out there and by diver's that have forgotten more than Seahunt will ever know. He has tried to turn this into a personal vendetta and make it a me -v- him thing, whereas, in reality this is a scuba forum and what is relevant is what makes diving safer and more efficient and whenever the discussion turns to diving Seahunt throws up the red herrings and resorts to obfuscation, distortion and word games...

You all know where I stand, but Seahunt's positions remain a mystery despite his long winded diatribes and severe bouts of verbal diarehha.. You would think that after all his rantings and musings that his positions would be more well-known.. From what I can tell of his positions, the one's that I am aware of, they generally involve reckless and cavalier diving practices so I'm not surprised that he wants to keep them secretive..

I spoke to many on this list over the weekend and I was spirited in the notion that so many people are laughing and agreeing with me in that Seahunt is full of hot air, so I believe it is time to expose him for the fraud that he is..

I'm trying to keep it focused on diving but Seahunt will not advance his theory and simply wants to damage my credibility and attempt to cast me in an unfavorable light.. I say just stick to diving and let's see what you've got to offer...


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