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Posted by seahunt on July 20, 2001 at 20:15:30:

Lets have a popularity contest.
Why not? I've never won one yet.
Earlier tonight, I wrote an email to Michael, at the end of which, I
wished him well at the demo. The body of the letter though, asked him
if his dishonesty ever embarrassed him.
It was an acceptance.
....... I remember that I do not accept.
I will state, as I have before, that I think DIR is a good diving
methodology and prehaps revolutionary and probably a bit better than
my own in ways, but that is not all there is to it and not what this
is about.
Michael Kane is the representitive of DIR in this BBS community. His
actions and methods though, are disgusting. He has harassed and hounded
all that have disagreed with him. He has used calculated dishonesty and
character assasination as a method of promoting his agenda.... and who
has stood up to him? A few. Note that we had a calm up until recently,
but it was demo time, so he in a calculated way resorted to harassment
of myself and Chris to advertise this weekends demo. In my case, he
resorted to some really lame dishonesty.
The main promoter of DIR is George Irvine. We have seen examples of his
actions and writings, but who has voiced the appropriate outrage, let
alone the unavoidable astonishment, at what he has done and
The acceptance of of their actions and methods by this community has
dismayed me.
F likes to tell us to pay attention to the message, not the messenger.
Where that road leads is well known from history.
M critisized me for knee jerk reactions, but never critisized Michael's
blatent dishonesty and harassment.
Well, it's not going to make me popular with many, but I must protest.
These are people that should not be accepted in any way by honest
divers, let alone polite society, no matter what their diving
credentials or methods. They are an embarrassment and disgust
They have some good ideas, but they are corrupted.
This same story was told another way. A father wanted to make the same
point to his children. He gave them a sandwich and they said that it
was tasty. He said "well, there is some feces in it" The children were
revolted. He said, "but there is only a little bit". "Does it
matter if there is only a little bit and the rest of the sandwich is
Go to the demo if you want. Learn their diving methods, but never forget
the truth.
Still I am dismayed. Welcome to Vichi Mr. Chamberlain.
How's that K?

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