NDL calculations without a computer

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Posted by MHK on February 20, 2001 at 09:34:03:

Cyberdiver, Chris, FF and a few others have expressed a grave concern about the DIR application respecting the lack of a computer. We have said over and over that this takes time, this shouldn't be done overnight and isn't something that can/should be adequately addressed and detailed over the internet. Cyberdiver ( a.k.a. Seahunt) seems to believe that anything that can't be explained on the internet is therefore not achieveable.

I reject that arguement in total and have offered to pay for a two day dive trip to demonstrate the skills, but he has not accepted and has continued his attacks. Perhaps if he dove more often and posted less he would understand that diving is about getting in the water not posting long winded critics when he doesn't have all the facts.

To that end I just returned from cave diving in Florida and had an opportunity to spend some time with JJ, and even had the opportunity to log on with JJ and had him review some of the exchanges. JJ shares my view in that not everything can be taught over the internet. Quality training can NOT be replaced with a few exchanges over the internet. Moreover, he as well rejects the arguement that since it isn't necessarily the most prudent course of action to share over NG's that in and of itself doesn't disqualify DIR from being applicable to Calif. diving, as Cyberdiver would have you believe.

We have offered countless DIR demo's to illustrate the skills, but Cyberdiver has failed to join us in any of them. So I'll remind him that it takes some effort on his part to learn skills, you just can't sit back at a keyboard and magically acquire a skill..

Accordingly, he has said put up or shut on numerous occasions, even while simultaneoulsy rejecting offers to be demonstrated the skill. Despite the lack of involvement on his part I have received several private e-mails asking added information about understanding NDL's absent a computer.

In the interest of providing more information in this regard JJ has agreed to fly out, at his own expense, once again to give a DIR demonstration. As usual this DIR demo will be free of charge and I have asked JJ to tailor his comments specifically to the concerns raised on this NG, ie; computers, solo diving, California applicability etc.. You can feel free to ask ANY question that you have, you can raise ANY concern that you imagine and we ( JJ, MHK and John Walker) will address it.

As for Cyberdiver's repeated notions of put up or shut up, I say to him that he should get out from behind a keyboard and show up. In other words, get wet or shut the hell up and quit your whinning....

The DIR demo will be next weekend March 2,3 or 4th. I will confirm the details this afternoon as soon as JJ confirms flights. I also need to coordinate with someone about the place but I will announce that this afternoon as well..

Cyberdiver, we have given many, many demo's, this is JJ's 4th trip out here in less than 13 months and all have been provided free of charge. To the extent that you have not availed yourself of these opportunities I don't want to hear you whinning ad nauseam about lack of access to information. You either want it or you just want to play on your keyboard and spew verbal diarrhea..

Now it's time for you to put up or SHUT UP.........


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